Making sense of ICOs, IoT and ‘tokenomics’

Learn what ‘tokenomics’ is and how blockchain has created the ‘Internet of Trust’. MoneyFM 89.3 is Singapore’s first Business and Personal Finance station. This month, September 2018, radio presenter Howie Lim does an interview with CEO of VOX, Stefano Virgilli. Find out more about why tokens are not as crucial to stay competitive as it was last year, as Stefano Virgilli shares his latest insights and forecasts.

Stefano Virgilli was interviewed for the segment, ‘Mind Your Business’, which explores Singapore’s SME sector, its news, latest updates, how it is keeping up with disruption and what it is doing to stay competitive.

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interview at moneyfm 89.3 with ceo of vox stefano virgilli singapore radio station with howie lim discussing about tokenomics and blockchain cryptocurrency industry and iot in September 2018