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The CEO and founder of VOX.sg Mr. Stefano Virgilli has delivered his classic presentation titled "Welcome to the marvellous world of ICOllywood" during the Wolrd Blockchain Conference (WBC) held at the Pan Pacific hotel in Singapore on July 17 and 18.

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Stefano Virgilli ICO startup advisor and speaker in Singapore

The interview to the CEO of VOX.sg on @e27

Most important thing I want to say is that to me blockchain is finished. There’s nothing interesting about blockchain any more. Blockchain already became old by last November.

ZiChain ICO Igor Basko

Announcement by Igor Basko, from ZiChain, which recently sponsored Beers&Pitch in Singapore:

"During the first round of the token Pre-Sale Zichain has received a lot of applications for tokens amounting to a total of $5 million USD and $3 million USD more from the private investors!

Our team is currently in talks to finalize the commitments we secured during our global roadshow. It is also vital to take time to properly conduct due diligence.

Cryptocurrency mining explained to a 6 years old by Stefano Virgilli

Cryptocurrency mining has dramatically changed. Especially when it comes to energy consumption. In the presentation "How to Explain Cryptocurrency Mining to a 6 Year Old", VOX' CEO Stefano Virgilli shares in simple terms a complex topic such as Hash and Encryption. His presentations in Europe were featured on News BTC.

VOX ICO Advisory firm featured on News BTC

VOX founder and CEO Stefano Virgilli was featured on News BTC for his presentation "The Marvellous Wolrd of ICO-llywood". He was on stage at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Finland in the month of May. His creative presentation is becoming one of the most requested in various ICO and blockchain events globally.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference in Australia

First time in Oceania

VOX's CEO Stefano Virgilli will be sharing his blockchain knowledge and ideas for the first time in Oceania at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Sydney, Australia on May 29. The news has been reported by Benziga.com