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"C"-Level Service Packages

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First 30 minutes

An exploratory 30 minutes conversation with the candidate to find out more about your project and to find out synergy. Applicable to all the professionals listed on VOX.

$4,900 each
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Holistic Advisory

40 hours a month

Equivalent to week of work spread over a month, to help your project succeed.
Schedule up to 40 "1-hour time slots" within 30 days.

$3,900 each
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Targeted Advisory

30 hours a month

The perfect arrangement for startups that are looking for targetted work in a specific area.
Schedule up to 30 "1-hour time slots" within 30 days.

$2,900 each
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General Advisory

20 hours a month

Ideal for startups that require generic advise, expecially before important deadlines.
Schedule up to 20 "1-hour time slots" within 30 days.