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ICO is #gameover.

We have changed our business model, favouring only traditional startups and STO with asset backed tokens.

Message from Stefano Virgilli, CEO at

There are still a few thousand active ICOs, but cryptocurrencies are dying all over the world. While there are some platforms surviving and thriving, a report issued in July of 2018 found that the majority are essentially dead and no longer able to function.

The reality is that 80 percent of the ICOs were frauds, and 10 percent lacked substance and failed shortly after raising money. Most of the remaining 10 percent may likely suffer the same fate as well.

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Because VOX supports your startup needs from the very early stage all the way until the management of the funds attracted.
When you have not decided yet whether your startup should sell equities, tokens or a mix of both. The best way to move faster.
When you need knowledge and expertise that can help you move faster. Hire our CEO as "C" level part of your team to accelerate fundraising.
We call it "The Starfish Method". A modular structure that companies can choose in order to build the foundation through a small steps.
When you have already defined the strategy and launched the project. Now it is time to connect with as many investors as possible.
When you need to show your project to as many people and investors as possible, in a public roadshow event in Singapore.
When you have successfully completed your fundraising, and now you need help in managing the resources and expanding.
Startups boutique advisory firm
Revolutionizing a new industry

VOX is a business advisory firm based in Singapore, formerly involved in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and blockchain. Now we focus on STO (Security Token Offering) and traditional startup fundraising, as well as marketing strategy and business expansion.

Global team

VOX team worldwide
Sergei Vozchikov
Sergei Vozchikov Chief Financial Officer
Stepan Khukharev
Stepan Khukharev Chief Legal Officer
Tammy Soh
Tammy Soh Marketing
Julia Shulepova
Julia Shulepova Public Relations
Gina Ho
Gina Ho Admin and HR
Saša Stanisavljević
Saša Stanisavljević Investor Relation
Mark Noorlander
Mark Noorlander CTO
Nikita Sachdev
Nikita Sachdev Influencer
Ernestas Jasilionis
Ernestas Jasilionis Video Explainers
Zharko Karanfilov
Zharko Karanfilov Corporate Design
Novica Gijevski
Novica Gijevski Content Writer
Sunday, February 17, 2019 VOX in the news

Message from Stefano Virgilli, CEO at

There are 5,298 active ICOs on the platform according to ICO Bench report. Cryptocurrencies are dying all over the world. While there are

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Technologies for Financial Inclusion.

VOX is proud to be working closely with Pocket Money from branding, and marketing to our full suite of C-level

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CEO of VOX and seasoned entrepreneur, Stefano Virgilli, was invited as a guest speaker at ...

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 VOX in the news

At a recent virtual live interview which took place at a crypto event in Japan discussing block chain business and technology, CEO of VOX ...

Global network of partners

Luxembourg based company providing total support for issuance and management of ICOs and STOs.
Community management firm based in Prague.
Market making and financial services in Singapore.
Tech and blockchain development team in Bosnia Herzegovina.
Accounting and secretary firm based in Singapore.