Because VOX supports your startup needs from the very early stage all the way until the management of the funds attracted.

When you have not decided yet whether your startup should sell equities, tokens or a mix of both.
When you have decided whether it will be an equity raise, an ICO or a mix of both, but you need team support.
When you have begun working at the Business Plan or White Paper, and you still could use some advice.
When you have already defined the strategy and launched the project. Now it is time to connect with investors.
When you need to show your project to as many people and investors as possible, starting from Asia.
When you have successfully completed your fundraising or ICO, and now you need help in managing the resources.

VOX startups and ICO clients, in advisory and sponsorship

Startups and ICO boutique advisory firm
Revolutionizing a new industry
VOX promotes a new approach to ICOs, by either mixing equities with tokens or developing small steps incremental milestones. Introducing the concepts of OCO (as in Ongoing Coin Offering), CCO (as in Continuous Coin Offering) or simply CO (Coin Offering).

Global team

VOX team worldwide
Tammy Soh
Tammy Soh Marketing
Julia Shulepova
Julia Shulepova Public Relations
Gina Ho
Gina Ho Admin and HR
Saša Stanisavljević
Saša Stanisavljević Investor Relation
Mark Noorlander
Mark Noorlander CTO
Nikita Sachdev
Nikita Sachdev Influencer
Ernestas Jasilionis
Ernestas Jasilionis Video Explainers
Zharko Karanfilov
Zharko Karanfilov Corporate Design
Novica Gijevski
Novica Gijevski Content Writer
Thursday, July 12, 2018 VOX in the news

The interview to the CEO of VOX.sg on @e27

Most important thing I want to say is that to me blockchain is finished. There’s nothing interesting about blockchain any

Tuesday, July 03, 2018 Events

Triple edition of Beers&Pitch in the month of July.

After the amazing success of the June edition, when over 100 attendees and more than 20 investors flocked The Great Room Offices

Thursday, June 28, 2018 VOX in the news

Announcement by Igor Basko, from ZiChain, which recently sponsored Beers&Pitch in Singapore:

"During the first round of the token Pre-Sale Zichain has received a lot of applications

Thursday, June 28, 2018 Events

VOX team have represented MarketSpace (an ICO from Russia) at the latest edition of Echelon Singapore, 2018.

Sunday, June 24, 2018 Events

Beers&Pitch - ICO pitch in the heart of Singapore

With over 100 attendees at the latest Beers&Pitch ICO event last Friday, 22 June 2018, it was a vibrant evening, filled with beers

Friday, June 22, 2018 ICO Clients

One cryptocurrency platform to rule them all

Hoard is a design-driven blockchain-based fintech company that seeks to dramatically improve decentralized financial services and the


Global network of partners

Luxembourg based company providing total support for issuance and management of ICOs and STOs.
Community management firm based in Prague.
Market making and financial services in Singapore.
Tech and blockchain development team in Bosnia Herzegovina.
Accounting and secretary firm based in Singapore.