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ICO Course content

Token Economic (Tokenomics)
Attending on this course you will understand what are the difference between Security tokens and Utility tokens. Difference between security token and utility tokens become clear to many people. But how the utility of token is explained and fully understood is something that is not as easy as it may sound. During this Master class you will become familiar with Multi-Token structures. This course will provide you with an ideal set of criteria for understanding Multi-Token structures and knowledge for successful application in practice. Why there is a need for token and what is the difference between the main token blockchain issued on the market covertly?

You will learn more about the complex Tokenomics on our Master class in Singapore.

DLT and Blockchain Tech scope
At the beginning it was only Bitcoin. The multitude of others blockchain populated the industry , such as Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS , Ripple. Find out more about understanding pros and cons of their speed, scalability, reliability and safety. This Master ICO class is instructive for software developers interested in exploring blockchain technology for their career progress. In this course, we will outline different materials on the myths about Blockchain. You will become familiar with meaning of Consensus in Initial Coin Offering (ICO). During this intensive course you will be exposed to the multitude of the blockchains available.
ICO Legal aspects
Why Singapore is regarded as one of the best places from legal framework perspective in order to launch ICO? You will become familiar with what are the best ICO jurisdictions and their comparative regulatory responses. During this Master ICO class you will learn what ICO friendly countries are and where to set up a company to run an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You will be exposed to all legal regulations in European, North American jurisdictions and Asian jurisdictions. Learn from this course from course material prepared by VOX there is covertly consulting on two ICO projects in Singapore.
ICO Marketing and Community
Why so many ICO fails? Many ICO fails to impress because they do not plan their communication properly. As per the words of founder and CEO of VOX, ICO as becoming like a Hollywood in the similarities in producing movie hence belonging more to entertainment than finance. So as such product has to be compelling to the masses communicating to multiple audiences all over the world regardless of the culture, age, race, religion, geographic location. In the marketing segment of this course you will be exposed with all online and offline tools that you need in order to plan and launch your ICO on a global scale, especially for startups interested in finding out how to attract funding through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
Investor Relation
As such the modality of funding has changed dramatically from small amount at the time, VC time, to large amount attracted in one goal in a short period of time for ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Many investors have not cached up this wave yet, they are supporting ICOs. Learn from Stefano Virgili, TEDx and, international speaker, worldwide recognized as one of the most competent ICO experts in the world. Learn how to prepare your investor pitch, a deck of slides designed and meant to attract funds to your startup. You will be given the chance to pitch the project in front of the investors.
Quickstart your ICO career
A bundle of 3 parts aimed to get you started from zero in planning and launching your ICO.
3 days Bundle

This course is aimed to get you started from zero in planning and launching your ICO.

By attending VOX ICO Training Course in Singapore, you will have kick start in to ICO learning for bigger perspective about Tokenomics, Legal, Blockchain Technology, Marketing and Investment perspective.

Quote the promo code SAVE1000 when signing up on EventBrite

Quote the promo code SAVE1000 when signing up on EventBrite

A full suite of ICO courses

A bundle of 3 parts aimed to get you started from zero in planning and launching your ICO. Participants who enroll for this bundle are offered a free pitching slot at Beers&Pitch (usual price USD 2500)

Trainer: Stefano Virgilli (TEDx speaker)

View profile on Google Docs
View profile on Google Docs
Stefano is a specialist in Communication and Innovation. He has studied in Italy and further expanded his knowledge by working with clients from over 40 countries since 1998. Currently, Stefano is advising on ICO and Blockchain projects. Stefano is a TEDx speaker and the most certified Adobe trainer in the world, holding over 80 certifications and having trained 14 thousand participants in his career.
For specific questions about ICO training, contact Stefano on Whatsapp +65 9472 8806

In 2017 ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have raised $5.6 billion dollars globally. There were 435 successful projects, raising an average of $12.7 million, and 10 largest projects raised 25% of the money. In the first 6 months 2018 ICOs have attracted $5.6 billion dollars. The total number of ICOs companies so far is nearly 1,000.

ICO was hot topic in 2017, this year ICO becoming common topic. There are a lot ICOs all over the world, and many of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fails. The reason why they fail is because they did not prepared foundation property.

By attending VOX ICO workshop in Singapore, you will have a kick start into ICO learning for a broader perspective on Tokenomics, Legal, Blockchain Technology (DLT), Marketing and Investment.

Learn from Stefano Virgilli who has a quarter of the century experience in the marketing, having funded many companies in the Europe, Africa, Middle East and Singapore.

What are Dos and Don’ts of planning, launching and marketing your ICO globally?

At the end of the course get opportunity to pitch your ICO right in front of a pool of investors transforming your dreams into reality. If is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) one of your ideas and you don’t know how to go about, you must take this course, because you will bring from zero to a hero over short period of time.

Singapore is one of the most dynamic economies in the world, and one of the most interesting regulation for promotion ICO globally. The course is held in Singapore which is largely recognized one of the best places in the world where to launch ICO.

Who should attend

  • Individuals interested in finding out more about ICO
  • Startups contemplating the idea of launching an ICO
  • Startups that have decided to launch and ICO, but do not know how
  • VC investors keen to understand ICO business structure
  • Traditional entrepreneurs open to new ways of funding


  • 3 days (from Tuesday to Thursday)
  • From 9:30AM to 6PM
  • Bonus orientation on Monday at 5PM
  • Bonus pitch presentation rehearsal on Thursday form 5PM
  • Bonus investor pitch session on Thursday at 7PM


  • USD 2,500 per participant
  • Investor pitch free of charge (usual price USD 2500)

Course outline

ICO Foundation

  • Why ICO
  • Why Blockchain
  • Why a Token
  • Fintech
  • Cryptocurrencies

Token Economic (Tokenomics)

  • Defining Security Token
  • Defining Utility Token
  • Multi-Token structures
  • Hybrid structures (Token + Digital Currency)
  • Use cases
  • Smart Contracts

ICO Legal aspects

  • European jurisdictions
  • North American jurisdictions
  • Asian jurisdictions
  • Rest of the world

Blockchain Tech scope

  • Myths about Blockchain
  • Understanding Consensus
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Stellar
  • NEO
  • NEM
  • Hyperledger
  • Other Blockchains

ICO Marketing and Community

  • Branding foundation
  • Visual communication
  • ICO websites
  • UI and UX
  • Prototype tools
  • Mockup tools
  • Presentation tools
  • Website tools

Investor Relation

  • IPO vs ICO
  • Crowdsale strategies
  • Private investor strategies
  • Attracting strategic partners
  • Investor pitch
  • Pitching professionally